Supertintin Skype recorder is an advanced tool used to record Skype calls on windows. The software allows you to record both video and audio Skype conversations in high quality. You can record video conversations in local-only, picture-in-picture, remote-only or side by side mode. All these are available for you to select what suits you. It will record your Skype conversations as it captures the media files during a recording. Supertintin will offer you with all the freedom you ever wished for when recording a call, you can hide it and continue with other schedules, you can also open other web pages and play games or start twitting on your computer while it records secretly. The tool is mainly used by professionals to record Skype conferences, interviews, lessons as well as other VoIP calls.  You will be in position to playback your recordings in the future and share them with friends. In addition, it is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, windows XP, windows Vista & windows 2000, the app only favours windows not Mac users. It also lets users to screen share during a Skype conversations meaning they both can see their screens and also ensures video Skype messages and voicemails etc. Sharing recorded files has never gotten any easier with Supertintin.

Features of Supertintin

  • Supertintin Skype recorder supports both video and audio Skype conversation, it leaves the ball in your hands to choose what type of recording you prefer, people who like to record their interview prefer using video because it makes them confident, i mean, you can record using any of the two, the app will still do its work.
  • It is lightweight and has a simple interface for all users of different levels; end users will not find any disturbances because the configurations are direct.
  • It supports all kinds of Skype calls such as Skype group videos and conferences over 10ways.
  • The app will record your Skype conversations secretly allowing you to finish that assignment you might be working on and also open more internet pages t stuff.
  • It ensures Skype good high quality recording for both conversations. This makes the user content knowing what you record will still be clear and loud in the future when you want to playback your files.
  • The apps makes sure to save your audio conversations with MP3 format and videos Skype calls with WMV format for easy access.
  • There won’t be any damages with your computer because Supertintin is free from virus.
  • The best thing about this app is that it does not have ads all over it, so you will not get any irritations when you decide to use Supertintin.
  • It records incoming, outgoing, video & audio Skype conversations automatically once it detects you are on a call in Skype.
  • It also leaves a message to your callers on Skype when you are not available, people who call and text you will all be taken care of by this app.

Disadvantages of Supertintin

  • It is compatible with Mac users
  • The app hangs frequently.
  • Supertintin free version is limited for only 5minutes.


Supertitntin Skype recorder is the recording app you have been looking for. It comes with advanced features that will make your Skype recordings a walk over because you will not find any hard time it. it is designed to the users expectations so install it and it will record your Skype immediately..